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Steam Deck - The future of Linux gaming has never looked brighter

By: Main thelinuxexperiment channel (thelinuxexperiment@tilvids.com)

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@thelinuxexperiment great vid, I do have mine on pre-order but the one positive I think that isn’t mentioned in the “proton will handle it” stuff is that the stats for how many people are playing on Linux will go up, and over time I believe that if eventually Linux gamers make up a real chunk of the pie chart, more studios will be interested in first class support. This could help overcome the single biggest hurdle, market share.
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@thelinuxexperiment As the video notes, it's just gaming either. This is basically a pocket sized Linux PC, so there's a million other uses it could be put to. If this takes off due to gaming and Steam's brand name, it could be an interesting device for FOSS projects to piggyback on?
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